If there’s a better keyword research tool than the KW Finder then I have yet to find it.

But be warned..

It’s very addictive and I had to literally claw myself away from it so that I could write this review. 🙂

Update: I conducted an interesting little KW Finder test that resulted in a website that now makes over $400 per week!

I’ll tell you all about it in a minute..

Do you remember last year when Google stopped giving out exact search numbers?

And started showing approximate numbers like this..

Well that really threw a spanner in the works for a lot of us people who do SEO.

I mean 100k – 1M could mean anything.

Does the keyword get 110,000 or 999,000 searches per month?

There’s a huge difference.

So I was pretty bummed out as were a lot of other SEO’s.

But a week later while I was reading through the Warrior Forum I heard about this new keyword tool called the KW Finder.

So I decided to check it out.

The first time I tried it I almost spat out my coffee with excitement when I saw it was showing the exact search numbers.

I thought  “Hell YEAH, we’re back in business!”

So right off the bat here’s the main reason that I love the KW Finder tool..

If I search “best keyword tool” into Google’s keyword tool I get this..

Not that helpful is it?

But if I put that same keyword into KWFinder I get this..

BINGO! 480 searches per month. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

It also tells you how many visitors you can expect to get as well as how difficult it is to rank for the keyword.

(As well as a whole bunch of other stuff that I’ll get into in a minute.)

It even has a nice little color code based on keyword difficulty.

After using up my free daily credits I decided to signup for a premium account and do a little test..

My KW Finder Test

I wanted to see if the keywords it was marking as “easy” really were easy to rank for or not.

So I picked a niche which happened to be about getting rid of moobs.

I typed in my main keyword which gets over 40,500 searches per month but is very competitive.

So I didn’t want to go for the main keyword.

But the KW Finder tool gave me over 700 keywords to consider.

Out of those 700 there were literally HUNDREDS of low competition long tail keywords to choose from.

Look at all the greens!

I felt like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

So on with the experiment..

I picked 100 long tail keywords that the KW Finder tool had marked as easy.

And I decided to create a brand new website and write a 600+ word article for each one.

Zero backlinks and zero social media.

Just a new domain with 100 articles posted on it.

Luckily because I’m into health and fitness I was able to write the content myself.

And with the help of a little a lot of coffee I was able to write and post the articles in less than a week.

Each article had at least one picture or video and linked to at least 2 other posts on the site.

I also monetized the site by adding a banner ad to a Clickbank product and by linking to the product in the content.

After posting the articles I completely forgot about the website for a month while I focused on another website.

1 month later..

So I couldn’t believe it when I checked my rankings a month later and found that I was on page 1 of Google for almost every single keyword.

With zero backlinks or promotion.

But it gets even better..

Because the website now gets over 250 visitors per day.

But wait.

It get’s even better..

Because when I logged into the Clickbank account I had setup for this website I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this..

The little niche site that took me less than a week to create and had zero promotion now makes me $385 per week!

That’s an extra $1,541 per month in my pocket thanks to the low competition keywords I found using the KW Finder tool.

Ever since I found the KW Finder tool I feel like I’ve stumbled onto some kind of secret weapon.

There are literally thousands of niches out there so it’s like a goldmine of opportunities.

But remember..

The KW Finder is just a tool so you still need to put in some action.

But not that much. 🙂

I mean it took me less than a week to build a site that now makes me an extra few hundred dollars per week.

Apart from hosting there’s not many things I’m willing to pay monthly for but the KWFinder tool is one of them.

Even if Google started sharing exact keyword data again I think I would still continue to pay for the KWFinder because it’s much better.

You can create a free KW Finder account here but I’d recommend the premium account because it gives you 700 related keywords per search which is what you really need if you’re going to find all the little golden nugget long tail keywords.

Anyway super happy I found the KW Finder tool and very thankful for all of the new keyword opportunities it’s given me.

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