KWFinder Review – “Here’s How I Used The KW Finder To Build A $1,541 Per Month Website In Less Than 1 Week..”

If there’s a better keyword research tool than the KWFinder then I have yet to find it.

But be warned..

It’s very addictive and I had to literally claw myself away from it so that I could write this review. 🙂

Update: I conducted an interesting little KWFinder test that resulted in a website that now makes over $300 per week!

I’ll tell you all about it in a minute..

  • I should mention before we get started that this post is a review for the KWFinder tool from

Right now they’re offering a free account here which gives you 5 daily searches to tryout the tool.

Do you remember last year when Google stopped giving out exact search numbers?

And started showing approximate numbers like this..

Well that really threw a spanner in the works for a lot of us people who do SEO.

I mean 100k – 1M could mean anything.

Does the keyword get 110,000 or 999,000 searches per month?

There’s a huge difference.

So I was pretty bummed out as were a lot of other SEO’s.

But a week later while I was reading through the Warrior Forum I heard about this new keyword tool called the KW Finder.

So I decided to check it out.

The first time I tried it I almost spat out my coffee with excitement when I saw it was showing the exact search numbers.

I thought “Hell YEAH, we’re back in business!”

So right off the bat here’s the main reason that I love the KW Finder tool..

If I search “best keyword tool” into Google’s keyword tool I get this..

Not that helpful is it?

But if I put that same keyword into KWFinder I get this..

BINGO! 480 searches per month. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

It also tells you how many visitors you can expect to get as well as how difficult it is to rank for the keyword.

(As well as a whole bunch of other stuff that I’ll get into in a minute.)

It even has a nice little color code based on keyword difficulty.

After using up my free daily credits I decided to signup for a premium account and do a little test..

My KWFinder Test

I wanted to see if the keywords it was marking as “easy” really were easy to rank for or not.

So I picked a niche which happened to be about getting rid of moobs.

I typed in my main keyword which gets over 40,500 searches per month but is very competitive.

So I didn’t want to go for the main keyword.

But the KWFinder tool gave me over 700 keywords to consider.

Out of those 700 there were literally HUNDREDS of low competition long tail keywords to choose from.

Look at all the greens!

I felt like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

So on with the experiment..

I picked 100 long tail keywords that the KWFinder tool had marked as easy.

And I decided to create a brand new website and write a 600+ word article for each one.

Zero backlinks and zero social media.

Just a new domain with 100 articles posted on it.

Luckily because I’m into health and fitness I was able to write the content myself.

And with the help of a little a lot of coffee I was able to write and post the articles in less than a week.

Each article had at least one picture or video and linked to at least 2 other posts on the site.

I also monetized the site by adding a banner ad to a Clickbank product and by linking to the product in the content.

After posting the articles I completely forgot about the website for a month while I focused on another website.

1 month later..

So I couldn’t believe it when I checked my rankings a month later and found that I was on page 1 of Google for almost every single keyword.

With zero backlinks or promotion.

But it gets even better..

Because the website now gets over 250 visitors per day.

But wait.

It get’s even better..

Because when I logged into the Clickbank account I had setup for this website I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this..

The little niche site that took me less than a week to create and had zero promotion now makes me $385 per week!

That’s an extra $1,541 per month in my pocket thanks to the low competition keywords I found using the KWFinder tool.

Ever since I found the KWFinder tool I feel like I’ve stumbled onto some kind of secret weapon.

There are literally thousands of niches out there so it’s like a goldmine of opportunities.

But remember..

The KW Finder is just a tool so you still need to put in some action.

But not that much. 🙂

I mean it took me less than a week to build a site that now makes me an extra few hundred dollars per week.

Apart from hosting there’s not many things I’m willing to pay monthly for but the KWFinder tool is one of them.

Even if Google started sharing exact keyword data again I think I would still continue to pay for the KWFinder because it’s much better.

You can create a free KWFinder account here but I’d recommend the premium account because it gives you 700 related keywords per search which is what you really need if you’re going to find all the little golden nugget long tail keywords.

Anyway super happy I found the KWFinder tool and very thankful for all of the new keyword opportunities it’s given me.

What Is The KWFinder?

The KW Finder is an online cloud based keyword research tool to help you find tons of juicy keywords to rank for and start getting traffic from.

Traffic = $$$

No matter what niche or market you are in this keyword tool will help you discover some worthwhile keywords you can target.

Every time I login to the KWFinder tool I feel like I’m entering a goldmine and every time I use it I find more keywords to rank for and start profiting from.

It’s the only keyword research tool that I use and recommend.

Let’s delve deeper into what the KWFinder tool actually does and how it works.

A Clean And Intuitive Design

The first thing that you’ll notice when you start using this tool is just how clean and fresh the design is and how easy it is to figure out.

After just a few minutes of playing around with it you should feel right at home and on your way to finding some profitable keywords.

Another thing that I like is that everything loads fast.

With other keyword tools it can take ages for keywords to load but everything with the KWFinder tool seems to be instant which is great if you’re impatient like me.

On the left hand side you have the keywords and their metrics and on the right you can see the current top 10 competitions for any of those keywords and see how many links and shares they have.

If the top 10 sites for a keyword have lots of links and shares then that keyword is probably going to be more difficult to rank for but this will be reflected in the “Keyword Difficulty Score”.

The KW Finder is easy on the eye and it loads fast so top marks there.

Oh yeah and it’s also mobile friendly!

3 Ways To Find Keywords With The KWFinder

When you first login you’ll see a search box with 3 options..


This is your standard keyword research tool.

You enter in your keyword and it will instantly generate up to 700 related keywords from the KWFinder database.

99% of the time I use the “Suggestions” to find keywords.


The Autocomplete tool uses Google’s autocomplete suggestions to find keywords.

You know where you type something into Google and a drop down appears with a bunch of suggestions?

Well that’s what the KWFinder tool is using to find keywords when you search using autocomplete.

It also appends and prepends your keyword with different letters to find even more keywords from Google suggest.


The “Questions” tool is similar to the “Autocomplete” tool however instead of prepending letters in front of your keyword it puts question keywords such as how, what, where, why and when etc.

These question keywords tend to have lower search numbers but they’re also lower competition so they can be easier to rank for.

Which one to use? Most of the time I use the standard Suggestions tool as it loads instantly and gives the most number of keywords.

Now and again I’ll dig deeper and use the “Autocomplete” and “Questions” tools to find some extra juicy keywords.

Estimated Visits

One thing that I really like about this tool is that it estimates based on the search volume and position in Goolge how many visitors each website is getting from that keyword.

As you can see the KWFinder estimates that the website ranking number 1 for the keyword “keyword tool” is getting around 17,843 searches per month.

17843/30 = 595 visitors per day.

Of course, this number is just an estimate but I can tell you based on my own rankings that the KWFinders “Estimated Visits” calculation is pretty accurate.

It’s pretty fun to look at a keyword and say..

“Hey, if I can rank number 1 for this keyword I can expect this many visitors per day!”

Keyword Difficulty And Serp Checker

The KWFinder tool analyzes every single keyword that it finds and gives it a difficulty rating.

The tool looks at the top 10 of Google and analyzes the competition.

It then gives it a number between 0-100 and a color rating.

If the websites ranking at the top have lots of links, shares and a high domain authority then that keyword is going to be more difficult to rank for.

Just because a keyword is competitive that doesn’t mean you should ignore it though because if it’s competitive then a top ranking could be very profitable.

From my experience the keywords that the KWFinder marks as very competitive aren’t necessarily impossible to rank for but they will just take a bit longer.

If you see a green keyword with a score between 0-30 then there’s a good chance that you can rank for it within weeks and there’s tons of them!

The Serp Checker

The “Serp Checker” is another tool that’s integrated into the KWFinder.

It’s basically a competitor analysis tool that looks at almost 50 different metrics to determine the level of competition of a keyword.

This is what gives you the keyword difficulty score.

If you’re serious about ranking for a keyword then you should take a look at the serp checker for that keyword to see just how strong or weak the competition is.

It gathers data from MOZ, Majestic, social media websites and puts it all on one screen and comes up with a SEO competition score.

It also gives each website ranking in the top 10 a score so you can see how difficult it will be to out rank each website.

The Results Filter

The results filter is something that I use often. The filters are;

Search volume: Maybe you only want to see keywords that get more than 1,000 searches per month?

CPC: This filters based on the average cost per click of the PPC results. Maybe you’re looking to do some PPC advertising and want to find keywords that cost less than $1 per click. Well then just set the Maximum CPC to 1 and the KWFinder will show you all the keywords with an average CPC of less than $1!

Or maybe you’re looking to monetize with adsense and want to find keywords that have a high CPC so that you can get some of that adsense moolah.

PPC: You can also filter by PPC competition. With 0 being the least competitive and 100 being the most competitive.

Include and Exclude keywords: Maybe you don’t want to see any keywords with the word “Free” in them.

Well all you need to do is add “free” to the exclude word list and the KWFinder tool will remove all those keywords.

Number of words: The general belief is that the more words in a search term the easier it will be to rank for it.

The KWFinder lets you filter for a Min and Max number of words.

SEO Difficulty: If you only want to see the green labelled easy to rank for keywords then put 30 in the MAX box and the KWFinder tool will only show you keywords with a difficulty rating of 30 or less!

So those are the filters and they really help you to drill down and find those gold nugget keywords.

How about filtering for keywords that get more than 1,000 searches per month and have a difficulty rating of less than 20?

By doing that you’ll find a bunch of keywords with some nice search volume that you can rank for quickly!

Search Related Keywords With 1 Click

The KWFinder tool really helps you to expand and find new keywords with their 1 click “search related keywords” button.

For example, I searched “keyword tool” and one of the keywords was “seo keyword tool” and after clicking the search related keywords button it opened up a whole new wold of keywords that I didn’t see from my original search of just “keywords tool”.

Every time you find a nice keyword just click the button and you can find more and more keywords.

I’ve found some of my best keywords doing this.

Search By Country Or Language

You can use the tool to find keywords based on location and language.

Maybe you only want to see the search volume for a keyword from UK searchers.

For example, if I search “best keyword tool” in the KW Finder you can see that worldwide that keyword gets 480 searches per month.

But if I select United Kingdom from the location box and do the search again you can see that there are 27 searches per month for that keyword from people from the UK.

If you’re looking for local keywords or you only want to target people from a specific country then this feature will be very helpful to you!

The KWFinder Results Box

Let’s take a look at the results box. It’s very self explanatory..

Suggestions: The first column is your list of keywords. Depending on the membership package you signed up for you will see up to 700 keywords here!

Next to each keyword you have the “search related keywords” button which I talked about above.

Trend: The next column is called “Trend” and it shows you the search volume trend for the last 12 months.

This is a handy little visual tool whether the keyword is gaining or losing searchers.

Many keywords go through cycles so the trend may go up and down.

Generally though if you see a keyword that was getting lots of searches a year ago and has consistently declined it’s because the keyword was a fad and people are losing interest in it so you may want to avoid keyword like this..

But some keywords are gaining searches like this..

You can target these keywords early while the volume is growing fast.

Search: The next column is the average monthly search volume for that keyword over the last 12 months.

You can click the top of the column and it will sort the keywords based on search volume so you can see the keywords from the list that get searched the most..

CPC: The next column is called CPC and this shows you the average cost per click for that keyword if you were to advertise on adwords.

Again, by clicking the top of the column you can sort from highest to lowest or vice versa.

This is great if you plan on doing some PPC adversising as you can find some nice cheap keywords.

And it’s also good if you like to monetize with adsense because if a keywords has a high CPC and you can rank for that keyword then you know that there is money being spent via advertisers so you will make nice money when people click on your adsense ads on your site.

Another thing to note is that if a keyword has a high CPC then that means the keywords is profitable.

If people are spending $3 per click then they’re probably earning more than that in profits.

If you can rank for these keywords and get free traffic then you know there’s money to be made.

PPC: The next column shows you the competition of the PPC results. A higher number means there is more competition for that keyword on adwords.

DIFF: The last column and one of my favorites is the difficulty rating column which I’m sure by now you know all about.

The cool thing is that by clicking the top of the column you can sort them from easiest to hardest!

The Right-Hand Side Of The KWFinder

On the left you have the keyword tool which we have been through above and on the right you can see more details for that keyword.

I like that you can see the search volume for each month.

And it also inserts a SERP Checker snippet which shows you the top 10 of Google for that keyword so you can instantly get an idea of how strong the competition is.

You can also click the “Analyze SERP” button and it will take you to the SERP Checker tool where you can dig deeper into the competition.

The number 1 ranking has 13,428 links and a page authority of 74!

As you can see the keyword “keyword tool” is very competitive and just by looking at the top 10 I can tell that this keyword would be extremely difficult to rank for and would take quite some time!

Right now the KWFinder ranks number 11 for the term keyword tool and I’ve seen it in the number 10 spot a few times.

I think they deserve to be #1!

So think of the left hand side as the keyword tool and the right hand side as a quick way to see the strength of the competition.

KWFinder Search History

There’s also a “History” button which shows your last 100 searches.

Create Lists

You may have noticed that on the left of each keyword there is a check box.

When a keyword takes your fancy you can tick the check box and click the “Add to list” button and add the keyword to a list for later.

If you’re in a bunch of niches then this is a great way to keep all your nice keywords grouped together.

You can add up to 1,000 keywords to each list.

Once you’ve created a list you can access it by clicking the “Lists” tab.

Easily Export

The KWFinder tool makes it super easy to export keywords. Just click the check box of the keywords you like (or all of them) and then click the “Export” button.

You can export to clipboard or CSV.


So this one has been a HUGE timesaver for me.

I recently found an Amazon products keyword list on somebody’s blog with about 500 keywords in it.

Unfortunately that keyword list didn’t have any search volume metrics or anything, just the keywords.

So I opened up the KWFinder tool and started typing them in one by one to see how many searches each keyword was getting.

After doing about 50 I realized that it was going to take me ages to check all 500!

And that’s when I realized there was an “Import” tab.

So I clicked it and this is what I saw..

Then I just copied and pasted the remaining 450 keywords and clicked the “Import to KW Finder” button and Voila within seconds it showed me the search volume for all of the keywords!

The import function is a huge timesaver if you have any outside keyword lists you want to get data on.

The KWFinder Support

Thankfully I haven’t had any problems with the tool but I did email them once and got a reply within 45 minutes and they do have a chat box on the site which regularly shows that someone is online.

After checking out their blog at you can see that they reply to comments and are helpful.

So I’m confident that the support is great and if you do ever have any issues they will be around to help.

What I Like About The KWFinder

In the review above I showed you everything that the tool does and also how I built my own website based on the low competition keywords the tool gave me.

Now let me sum up quickly by saying why I like the KWFinder tool so much.

Fantastic Design – I have tried many keyword tools and none of them look anywhere near as nice as this one.

The design is clean, colorful and fresh.

It makes finding keywords FUN!

Fast Loading! – Everything about this tool is fast.

I’ve tried other keyword tools where you enter in your seed keyword and it takes minutes for it to load the list of keywords and data but the KWFinder seems to do it all instantly.

And it has fast page load speeds too.

No matter what button I click on the page seems to load almost instantly which makes for a great user experience.

SERP Checker And SERP WatcherWhen you become a KWFinder customer you also get the SERP Checker for competition analysis and the SERP Watcher which is basically a rank tracker.

With the SERP Watcher you enter in your website and the keywords you want to monitor and it tracks your ranking for you!

It’s Addictive They’ve made this tool so intuitive and easy to use that it becomes addictive when you see just how easy it is to find all these awesome keywords you can rank and profit from.

Easily See Your Usage With just one click you can see your usage for the day.

Works On Mobile Enough said.

The Best Keyword Tool I’ve Tried I’ve tried a bunch of keyword tools and none of them compare to the KW Finder.

It provides accurate data, it’s easy to use and it’s really not that expensive.

Whether you’re a PPC marketer, an SEO newbie or and SEO pro you will find this tool is incredible at helping your find the keywords you’re looking for.

And it’s more than just a keyword tool as ut also helps you analyze the competition!

Should You Join The KWFinder?

Well first of all I just wanted to give a quick update on the website that I set up for my experiment.

There’s been a lot of reading so I’ll give you a quick reminder about the experiment.

Basically, I found a bunch of keywords using the KWFinder tool with a really low difficulty rating and built a site for those keywords.

The keywords were such low competition that I ranked fast and started making around $300 or so per week.

The last screen shot was from March and as of right now it is October and the website is still making money despite not touching it for months!

Whether you want to use the KW Finder to find lots of low competition keywords or you’re a seasoned SEO pro and you’re not afraid of a little competition I 100% recommend the KWFinder tool.

When it comes to internet marketing and SEO I think this is the best service I have ever joined.

And I feel confident that after you join and have a play around with it you’ll be in awe at just how good this keyword tool is.

Update: You can now try the KW Finder for FREE before you join.

Sign up for a free accont on the website here and give it a try!

I am a premium member and I don’t ever see myself cancelling! 🙂

Don’t forget that when you join you also get access to the SERP Checker and the SERP Watcher rank tracker which is incredible value for money.

And if you have any questions about the KWFinder or would like to leave a review then please leave a comment below!

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Hi Adam, great review and great results. I just signed up for a premium account too and couldn’t be happier. I really love the design of the tool aswell. It’s very fresh.


I love your review Adam. Much more interesting than the other reviews I read on the KW Finder.

Hows your little niche site coming along now Adam?

It’s motivating for a newbie like me to see others having success.


The KW Finder is the best keyword tool I use. Plus they keep adding new tools for their members like theserp tracker and the new backlink tool coming soon. I’m happy to be a member.

Mike Liston

I just wanted to say that I love the KW Finder and I also love your review.

I love the way you kind of mixed in your story on how you used it to make money and also showed us everything about the software.

This is how a review should be written. Entertaining and informational!

Good job!

Mike Liston

Tony Ng

Hey Adam, thanks for the review! I’m newbiew to seo and keyword research and I found your post helpful. I have free basic account on kw finder at moment but will upgrade soon.

Are you still recommending it?


I just found some very nice keywords using the KWFinder tool. They seem low comp and have nice search volume so I think there’s some money to be made there! I’m really glad I found this!


Care to share the keywords? Just joking, I’ve found a ton myself. The KW Finder is a great tool for us marketers and SEO guys.


I think it’s cool that they keep coming out with new stuff and including it in the membership.

They gave us the serp tracker to track out ranking so I cancelled my old one and now they have the new Link Miner thing coming out to track backlinks which looks really cool.

And I keep finding good new keywords to target every time I use it. I just wish there was more time in the day to go after all these keywords!

If only I had a magic watch that could stop time I’d be rich!


Why get this kw finder when there are free keyword tools online?


Nice results Adam, I also bought because of the Google keyword tool letting me down and I’m happy with everything they offer.

Their design is fresh too.

Have you heard when their link miner tool is going to come out?


I really like the KW Finder but I think it would be good if you could sort the keywords alphabetically, especially for “Autocomplete” keywords.

Right now I have to export them to excel to do that but I would rather be able to do it inside the program.

Apart from that I think it’s a great keyword tool.


Yeah, that would be a good idea! Also a way to see how many searches you have left for the day would be helpful!


Is anyone else having trouble with the import keywords function? Every time I try to import keywords to get data for them it says connection error or times out.

Is this a bug or just me?


Apparantly there was something wrong with one of the keywords having no search data so that messed up the import.


Great review Adam, I love that you actually found a way to make a review of a keyword finding tool interesting!

Good job and I agree the KWFinder is really good.


Is the rank tracking feauture the KW Finder guys offer any good?

I’m always a little nervous about inputting all of my websites and keywords into a tool to check rankings!


I think it’s quite good. It’s more accurate than some of the other rank trackers I’ve tried.


I just signed up and love the KWfinder! Just found tons of keywords for my next product, should keep me busy for a while.


I know Sway, every time I use it I end up adding more great keywords to me list. I don;t know how I’m ever going to find the time to go after them all!

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